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Community Action Agency of South Alabama

Total Qualifying Score: 4
County (ARC Region): No
State (ARC Region): Yes
Q3. IRS Status: Nonprofit – 2
Q4. Parent Entity: No – 1
Q5. 2 or More Full-Time Employees : Yes (as of 12/31/2019)
Q7. Budget Level: Above $3 million or below $100,000 – 0 (Last Fiscal Year Actual Income)
Q8. Restricted Reserves: No – 1
Q9. CARES Act Funding: Yes – 0
Q13. Participation by Executive: Yes


Community Action Agency of South Alabama
Daphne, Other County, Alabama 36526

County (ARC Region) Other
State (ARC Region) Alabama


Q1. Mission:

As a non-profit business/organization, we are charged to provide programs and services which promote and create self-sufficiency to individuals, families, and communities.

Q2. How organization aligns with ARC’s Plan & Goals:

In alignment of Appalachian Regional Commission’s strategic plan goal number two our organization also addresses the increase of education, knowledge, skills and health of residents to work and succeed in all of our seven county service areas which are Baldwin, Clarke, Conecuh, Escambia, Marengo, Monroe and Wilcox. Our programs empower low-to-moderate income families and individuals to move from poverty towards economic stability and self-sufficiency. Our current processes facilitate customers’ moving towards stability and self-sufficiency through case management using a results oriented, strength-based model that creates individual and family assessments that identify barriers to self-sufficiency across ten dimensions of well-being (income, employment, education, housing, health, food and nutrition, childcare, transportation, family relations, and community relations). Once barriers are identified, CAASA customers in partnership with our staff identify their priorities and goals for achieving stability and self-sufficiency. The assessments measure a family’s self-sufficiency status across each dimension on a five-point scale and can show the gains families make in achieving self-sufficiency over time. We identify these areas of opportunities through our Community Needs Assessment which is a comprehensive document that is compiled with data and research performed every three years and updated ever following year by our agency to gather information about the needs in our communities that we can provide resources for. The Community Needs Assessment allows us to make the greatest impact in our strategy map of eliminating poverty and creating stability. We will continue dedicating ourselves to fight against poverty by working to create an environment that encourages opportunities for everyone. We are guided by the following principles as we address challenges in poverty and “helping people, changing lives”:

  • Poverty is unacceptable, painful and far-reaching;
  • Community empowerment is essential;
  • Volunteerism is valuable in all aspects of service;
  • Partnerships fuel program success;
  • Teamwork results in effective consensus building.

Q3. IRS Filing Status: 501(c)(3)   

Q4. Unit or Chapter of Larger Organization: No

Q5. Employees:

Full-Time/Part-Time Employees: 25/4 (as of 9/1/2020)

Full-Time/Part-Time Employees: 22/1 (as of 12/31/2019)

Current Year Income/Expenses: $8,715,901/$8,715,901

Q6. Fiscal Year: October-September

Q7. Budget Level

Last Fiscal Year Income/Expenses (Actual): $4,878,280 / $4,878,280

Current Year Income/Expenses (Projected): $8,715,901 / $8,715,901

Balance Sheet

Q8. Restricted Reserves (Amount): No ($)

Q9. CARES Act Funding (Amount): Yes ($1,241,630)
Received From: Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA)   Date Received: 7-01-2020
For What Purpose(s): To assist customers with COVID related challenges and to make facility modifications ensuring that we are meeting CDC guidelines.

Q10. Negative Impacts from COVID-19:

COVID-19 has impacted some areas of our organization and daily operations, such as allowing customers to enter our facilities for appointments, decreased appointment scheduling, staffing shortages, technology limitations with clients and direct accessibility removed.

Q11. Top Three Concerns:
Technology Infrastructure Capabilities
Public Awareness /Case Management – Training

How Participation in Program Will Address Concerns:

By participating in this program it will assist us in identifying the key issues that needs to be addressed in the immediate future, re-evaluating our current programs and operations against pre-determined objective criteria’s and creating a roadmap of success on how to embrace change individually and as an agency.


Q12. Applying as a Proposed Cohort? No

Q13. Executive Director or CEO Will Participate in the Program? Yes

Q14. Top Two Choices for Cohort Instruction:

Course #1 Choice: 1-Mission & Operations

Course #2 Choice: 2-Long-term Financial Management

Q15. Desired Course Schedule for Cohort Instruction:

#1 Desired Course Schedule: 1-Winter 2021 A: 5-Week Course (Jan. 25, 2021 – Feb. 28, 2021)

#2 Desired Course Schedule: 2-Winter 2021 A: 5-Week Course (Jan. 25, 2021 – Feb. 28, 2021)


Name: Jennifer King King, Planning and Marketing Director

Application Approved by Organization Director or CEO? Yes, Approved by Executive Director/CEO

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