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WV Farmers Market Association

Total Qualifying Score: 7
County (ARC Region): Yes
State (ARC Region): Yes
Q3. IRS Status: Nonprofit – 2
Q4. Parent Entity: No – 1
Q5. 2 or More Full-Time Employees : No (as of 12/31/2019)
Q7. Budget Level: $100,000 to $250,000 – 2 (Last Fiscal Year Actual Income)
Q8. Restricted Reserves: No – 1
Q9. CARES Act Funding: No – 1
Q13. Participation by Executive: Yes


WV Farmers Market Association
Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia 25301

County (ARC Region) Kanawha
State (ARC Region) West Virginia


Q1. Mission:

Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of West Virginia farmers markets and positively impact the communities they serve by providing education, advocacy, and access to healthy, locally grown food.

Q2. How organization aligns with ARC’s Plan & Goals:

Our organization mission and practices align with many of the strategic plan goals listed for the Appalachian Regional Commission. Through mini grants and stipends to market managers, we provide support to farmers markets across West Virginia to strengthen their agriculture businesses. We have developed and cultivated partnerships with organizations across the state to provide relevant and engaging technical assistance, training, and educational opportunities for farmers markets and their vendors. In 2018, we began a partnership with WV State Parks, WV Department of Agriculture and WV Department of Natural Resources to showcase the beauty, culture, and heritage of our beloved state through a farm-to-table dinner series hosted at eight state parks in West Virginia. Our current and future goals include ensuring continued collaboration with all our partners in order to build the capacity of farmers markets and support economic development in our communities. 

Q3. IRS Filing Status: 501(c)(3)   

Q4. Unit or Chapter of Larger Organization: No

Q5. Employees:

Full-Time/Part-Time Employees: 1/0 (as of 9/1/2020)

Full-Time/Part-Time Employees: 1/0 (as of 12/31/2019)

Current Year Income/Expenses: $199,256.39/$164,133.28

Q6. Fiscal Year: Calendar

Q7. Budget Level

Last Fiscal Year Income/Expenses (Actual): $224,167.59 / $199,119.21

Current Year Income/Expenses (Projected): $199,256.39 / $164,133.28

Q8. Restricted Reserves (Amount): No ($)

Q9. CARES Act Funding (Amount): No ($)
Received From:   Date Received:
For What Purpose(s):

Q10. Negative Impacts from COVID-19:

The global pandemic, COVID-19, has created many challenges in our local food system. One of the largest challenges being attempting to meet the increased demand for local food and agriculture products. Although our organization has been focused on this issue for several years, the pandemic brought to the surface the issue of supply and its importance to food access in rural communities. 

Q11. Top Three Concerns:
Our staffing limitations
Keeping the customer focused on local food once the pandemic fear has begun to decrease
Financial stability and sustainable programming

How Participation in Program Will Address Concerns:

This program will help us develop a plan for financial security and stability. This will ensure our current and future programs and services meet the needs of West Virginia farmers markets, agriculture businesses, and communities. 


Q12. Applying as a Proposed Cohort? No

Q13. Executive Director or CEO Will Participate in the Program? Yes

Q14. Top Two Choices for Cohort Instruction:

Course #1 Choice: 1-Fundraising

Course #2 Choice: 2-Long-term Financial Management

Q15. Desired Course Schedule for Cohort Instruction:

#1 Desired Course Schedule: 1-Winter 2021 A: 5-Week Course (Jan. 25, 2021 – Feb. 28, 2021)

#2 Desired Course Schedule: 2-Winter 2021: 10-Week Course (Jan. 25. 2021 – Apr. 4, 2021)


Name: Erica Gallimore, Project Coordinator

Application Approved by Organization Director or CEO? Yes, Approved by Executive Director/CEO

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