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Cumberland Valley Domestic Violence Services, Inc

Total Qualifying Score: 9
County (ARC Region): Yes
State (ARC Region): Yes
Q3. IRS Status: Nonprofit – 2
Q4. Parent Entity: No – 1
Q5. 2 or More Full-Time Employees : Yes (as of 12/31/2019)
Q7. Budget Level: $250,001 to $1.5 million – 5 (Last Fiscal Year Actual Income)
Q8. Restricted Reserves: No – 1
Q9. CARES Act Funding: Yes – 0
Q13. Participation by Executive: No


Cumberland Valley Domestic Violence Services, Inc
London, Laurel County, Kentucky 40741

County (ARC Region) Laurel
State (ARC Region) Kentucky


Q1. Mission:

Cumberland Valley Domestic Violence Services seeks to decrease the number of domestic violence and abuse incidents by empowering victims through advocacy and education, and to raise awareness by involving the community in solutions to ending abuse.

Q2. How organization aligns with ARC’s Plan & Goals:

Cumberland Valley Domestic Violence Services, Inc. (CVDVS) provides safe, temporary shelter for all victims of domestic violence.  We provide the following residential and non-residential services:

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Food, Clothing and Hygiene Items
  • Case Management
  • Daily Activities
  • Individual & Group Counseling
  • Housing Assistance
  • Parenting Classes
  • Life Skills Programs
  • Safety Planning
  • Legal & Agency Advocacy
  • Court Advocacy
  • Domestic Violence Education
  • Financial Empowerment
  • Children’s Services – Group & Individual Counseling, Clothing & Supplies, Secured Private Play area.

Through these services, we are hopeful to increase our residents education, knowledge, skills and health to work, succeed and believe in themselves.  We serve the following eight (8) counties:  Bell, Clay, Harlan, Jackson, Knox, Laurel, Rockcastle and Whitley.  These counties are some of the most rural counties in Eastern Kentucky.

Q3. IRS Filing Status: 501(c)(3)   

Q4. Unit or Chapter of Larger Organization: No

Q5. Employees:

Full-Time/Part-Time Employees: 11/0 (as of 9/1/2020)

Full-Time/Part-Time Employees: 12/0 (as of 12/31/2019)

Current Year Income/Expenses: $996,932.00/$995,667.00

Q6. Fiscal Year: July-June

Q7. Budget Level

Last Fiscal Year Income/Expenses (Actual): $859,000.00 / $706,276.51

Current Year Income/Expenses (Projected): $996,932.00 / $995,667.00

Q8. Restricted Reserves (Amount): No ($)

Q9. CARES Act Funding (Amount): Yes ($92,180.00)
Received From: Forcht Bank   Date Received: 4/20/2020
For What Purpose(s): Payroll, etc., but gave all money back on 9/23/2020 as we had enough grant funding to cover the costs of the PPP Loan

Q10. Negative Impacts from COVID-19:

COVID has negatively impacted our organization by reducing the number of domestic violence victims we can put in Shelter.  We have had to make arrangements with two different hotels in order to quarantine people for two weeks before transitioning them into shelter.  During this time, we have also had to rearrange staff’s schedules to meet the needs of people in the hotel.  Financial staff has worked from home from March – August during which time we underwent an audit and monitoring by VOCA.  We are not sure when, or if, we will get back to normal.

Q11. Top Three Concerns:
Keeping our staff and survivors safe from being infected with COVID-19
Keeping dedicated employees in order to keep the shelter open 24/7
Long term funding from both Federal and State entities

How Participation in Program Will Address Concerns:

We believe our participation in this program will enhance the Financial Coordinator’s ability to assess our future needs as far as budgeting and financial planning.


Q12. Applying as a Proposed Cohort? Yes

List of Organizations in Proposed Cohort:
New Opportunity School for Women (Madison County)
Cowan Community Center (Letcher County)
David’s School (Floyd County)

Q13. Executive Director or CEO Will Participate in the Program? No


Our Executive Director is not always available to attend these trainings as she is doing most of her work with our Coalition and our Board of Directors via Zoom Meetings.  She is very involved also with staff and with residents in Shelter and those in the hotel.  The Financial Coordinator will be attending these sessions to improve her abilities.

Q14. Top Two Choices for Cohort Instruction:

Course #1 Choice: 1-Long-term Financial Management

Course #2 Choice: 2-Fundraising

Q15. Desired Course Schedule for Cohort Instruction:

#1 Desired Course Schedule: 1-Fall 2020: 11-Week Course (Nov. 9, 2020 -Jan. 24, 2021)

#2 Desired Course Schedule: 2-Winter 2021: 10-Week Course (Jan. 25. 2021 – Apr. 4, 2021)


Name: Theresa White White, Financial Coordinator

Application Approved by Organization Director or CEO? Yes, Approved by Executive Director/CEO

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