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Nonprofit Resources

The Appalachia Nonprofit Resource Center offers free online access to curated resources for nonprofit organizations navigating beyond the COVID-19 crisis. Additional resources can be found on the website of our sponsor, the Appalachian Regional Commission.

Tamaqua Arts-Financial Management

Financial Management Resources

  • Talking Finance
  • Financial Policies & Tools
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Decision Framework
  • Balance Sheet Approach
  • Financial Leadership

Fundraising Resources

  • Philanthropic Trends
  • Measuring Fundraising Effectiveness
  • Virtual Fundraising
  • Fundraising Techniques and ROI
  • Development Plans
  • The Board’s Role in Fundraising

Programs & Operations Resources

  • Scenario & Paradigm Planning
  • Program Evaluation
  • Operations Refresh
  • Strategic Alliances & Mergers
  • Virtual/Crisis Communication
  • Board Diversity & Engagement

Board Development Resources

  • Nonprofit Board Responsibilities
  • Board Member Job Description
  • Board Self-Evaluation Mechanisms
  • Committee Structure & Responsibilities
  • New Member Orientation
  • Promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Below are recent examples of resources for the above topics.

Library of Dashboard Indicators

Description: This resources provides more than 180 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are key to nonprofit effectiveness in ten different functional areas: Fund Development, Human Resources/Internal Processes, Boards/Governance,. . .

“A Good Board That Won’t Fundraise: What Would You Do?”

Description: This Case Study postulates a situation in which an otherwise effective board has failed in its responsibility to raise funds for the organization. Included is the Case Study and three possible responses. Users can also . . . download a separate Case Study Worksheet that can be used to facilitate discussion and input by nonprofit board and staff members alike.

How to Begin Thinking Long and Short

Description: This “conversation starter” is designed to help nonprofits become more resilient by considering both long- and short-term perspectives at the same time. According to the authors, organizations should align around a. . .

Sample Board Self-Evaluation Survey Results

Description: The Sample Board Self-Evaluation Survey Results illustrates the results of an actual Board Self-Evaluation, noting each of the 21 questions that were the basis for the survey along with the summary responses to each. . .

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