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The Appalachia Nonprofit Resource Center (ANRC) offers free online access to curated resources for nonprofit organizations navigating beyond the COVID-19 crisis. ANRC registered users also receive a Free GrantStation Membership. Additional resources can be found on the website of our sponsor, the Appalachian Regional Commission.

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Tamaqua Arts-Financial Management

Financial Management Resources

  • Talking Finance
  • Financial Policies & Tools
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Decision Framework
  • Balance Sheet Approach
  • Financial Leadership

Nonprofit Fundraising Resources

  • Philanthropic Trends
  • Measuring Fundraising Effectiveness
  • Virtual Fundraising
  • Fundraising Techniques and ROI
  • Development Plans
  • The Board’s Role in Fundraising

Programs & Operations Resources

  • Scenario & Paradigm Planning
  • Program Evaluation
  • Operations Refresh
  • Strategic Alliances & Mergers
  • Virtual/Crisis Communication
  • Board Diversity & Engagement

Board Development Resources

  • Nonprofit Board Responsibilities
  • Board Member Job Description
  • Board Self-Evaluation Mechanisms
  • Committee Structure & Responsibilities
  • New Member Orientation
  • Promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Below are recent examples of resources for the above topics.

How to Present Financial Reports to Nonprofit . . . Leadership

Description: This blog notes the four most important financial reports that nonprofit organizations should review periodically and provides insight on how best to present that data to leadership.

“Find Me the Money” Webinar

Description: This webinar is the third hosted as part of the ARNC Alumni Professional Development Series. Set as a conversational format facilitated by ARC’s Bettina Jones, two experts – Tracey Rowan from the Economic Development . . . Administration and Courtney Spearman representing the National Endowment for the Arts – explain the types of grants available from their respective federal agencies and the process/schedule for various funding programs. Cheryl Hargrove, the ANRC administrator with a long history of applying for and managing grants, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of federal funding – and how to evaluate opportunities that are right for your organization. ARC’s Antonella Salmeron instructs users on how to access the grants.gov portal.

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Virtual . . . Volunteering in Your Organization

Description: A new term, virtual volunteering, is one that the nonprofit industry is using more and more. Already spread thin leaders and staff are going to be asked to be creative in their approaches to not only engaging volunteers. . .

Board Matchmaking

Description: This article addresses how nonprofits can identify, engage, and recruit quality board members regardless of their stage of development.

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